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I’m sure you, like many of our partners, have the responsibility of leadership in your life. Whether at work or at home, it is likely that the Lord has put someone in your path who can benefit from your wisdom. It’s equally as likely that you have been the recipient of someone pouring into your life. One of the most important opportunities we have is likely within our own family. How good of God to give us this responsibility with those we love the most.

At His Voice Global, our mission statement is to “Raise up leaders among orphans, vulnerable children, widows, and the local church”.

The students we encounter and come to love in South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya often have no one to turn to for love, guidance, and family. That’s where His Voice comes in. It is our privilege to lead and love the children God has placed in our care throughout their lives. Just as your own children don’t “age out” of your care, neither do “our kids” leave ours. After all, that’s the way God has taught us!

Emmy Mana is one of “our kids”. He is currently nearing completion of his law degree from Uganda Christian University. Recently Emmy was invited to preach a sermon in a refugee camp church just outside of Arua, Uganda. It’s nothing new for this young man to seize any opportunity to share the hope he has in Jesus with others … especially South Sudanese kids who long for role models.  We’ve included a picture of Emmy at the church. We are so proud of him!


Thank you for helping His Voice to raise up leaders like Emmy who are making a difference where God has place them. 


Vernon & Amber Burger


From the Journal: Training Church Leaders in Uganda. 

In May we had the opportunity to take our Foundation of Hope training and discipleship to Northern Uganda for the first time.


Current Needs

We added a new section to our website that highlights primary ministry needs that are critical to the fulfillment of what God has called us to do this year. As you consider where God would have you direct your gift, visit this section of the site, share with friends and know that you are playing a vital role in the restoration of broken relationships with God, themselves, others, and creation. We could not continue our work without you!