Arua Response to Ebola case in Kasese, Uganda


Thank you for your concern for all of us here in Arua…..we feel appreciated and loved much!

In response to todays news of a confirmed case of Ebola Virus in Kasese, Ug. (240 miles south of Arua) we would like to make the following response.

We met as a team this morning and discussed lots of scenarios, plans and possible outcomes. We were reminded that responding instead of reacting will lead to better understanding of our calling rather than sensationalizing the situation.

Here are facts we know:

  • The current outbreak in Congo started in August 2018 and containment efforts have been very successful as the virus has been contained to the same area for the past 10 months.

  • Putting an end to this outbreak has proven to be more difficult than in the past because of numerous rebel groups in the area that have restricted health workers freedom to respond effectively and consistently.

  • For us to just cut and run would portray a different message than what we preach on a daily basis.

  • For us to stay and share in the struggle shows our real heart and gives validation that what we are doing and who we are serving has real VALUE!

  • We do have contingency plans in place for staff and students to remove ourselves from harms way at the appropriate time.

  • We do have responsibilities here on the ground.

  • The Ministry of Health in Uganda is doing a great job handling the situation.

What we encourage you to do:

  • Look to the World Health Organization for reliable updates and education on Ebola

  • Walk with us through this process and trust us to make wise decisions for our team and students