Training Church Leaders in Uganda


We have been praying for a number of years that our ministry would be used to share the gospel with Muslims and have an impact in areas under Muslim influence. In May our prayers were answered as we took our Foundation of Hope training and discipleship to Northern Uganda for the first time.

We were invited to the area by a missionary from Pioneers who has been working with an unreached people group and has had a number of Muslim Background Believers (MBB) accept Jesus. When we he heard we were going to be training in Arua, he requested us to come to this area and teach pastors, church leaders and MBB. We were expecting 20-25 but over 50 attended the 3-day training event!

We met in a temporary structure inside the walls of a church that is being constructed in this village. Leaders from this church and from surrounding villages came to learn and share with each other. We also welcomed a Muslim sheikh who attended the entire conference and our prayer is that he will come to know the Lord.


I have heard for some time how extensive Islam is in the area but had never had the opportunity to experience it first hand. Definitely different than any region I have visited before. Many of the students shared stories of persecution and harassment they experience for believing and professing the truth of the gospel. One young man shared how he had just been banished from his family home for becoming a believer.

Please pray for protection for our brothers and sisters.

Calvary Chapel in Arua, Uganda hosted our other group which included a number of young people eager to learn and gain additional material with which to disciple others. Many of the students in this class are active in churches within the refugee camps near Arua.


We are very excited about the opportunity to mentor a small group of leaders from these two classes who, in the near future, will be able to take the Foundation of Hope materials to begin training others throughout Northern Uganda and beyond.


Thank you for your generous support of our training and discipleship program. As one pastor told me, “If you had not come, we would not receive this kind of teaching”. Thanks for making it possible!