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The people of South Sudan celebrated their 8th year of independence on July 9th, just days after America celebrated it’s 243rd. 

But the road to peace has been rocky since the young country was thrown into a civil war that began in December of 2013 and has only recently found a foundation for peace when the warring parties signed a peace agreement on September 12, 2018. During that time, over 2 Million people have fled to neighboring countries like Uganda, with almost two-thirds of the refugees made up of children.  Ensuring that young South Sudanese have access to a proper education and opportunities to fulfil their potential is essential if South Sudan is to become a prosperous and peaceful nation.

That is why we are calling 2019 “A Year of Opportunity” at His Voice Global. 

We have dedicated ourselves to working with our partners on the field in South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya to make sure that the children God has placed in our care remain safe and receive an education that will allow them to make an impact for both their home country and for the Kingdom of God. 

One of our primary ministry focuses for the first half of the year has been to fund the consolidation of our primary and secondary schools into the safety of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church compound in Yei, South Sudan. As a part of that move, we are in the process of constructing eight new classrooms for the students. Thanks to you, we are approaching our goal of $151,200 for this need.

If you are able to give towards this important effort as we make our campus ready for the fall semester, would you do so now? Your gift can help turn a “Year of Opportunity” into a “Year of Reality” for those who truly need your help.


Vernon & Amber Burger


From the Journal: Reflections from Uganda. 

Christa Freyhof recently traveled with a team from His Voice Global to serve alongside our missionaries. In this journal entry she reflects on her time in Uganda.


Current Needs

We added a new section to our website that highlights primary ministry needs that are critical to the fulfillment of what God has called us to do this year. As you consider where God would have you direct your gift, visit this section of the site, share with friends and know that you are playing a vital role in the restoration of broken relationships with God, themselves, others, and creation. We could not continue our work without you!