Update: Arua Response to Ebola case in Ituri Province, DRC


Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement and support for our team in Arua. What a blessing we all feel to be part of such a great organization.

Since our last report on June 12th Ebola was quickly eliminated from Uganda thanks to the exemplary preparation by Dr. Ruth Aceng, her team at the Ugandan Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. The 10 months of training & planning paid off as response teams mobilized and took care of business. Dr. Ruth DON’T PLAY Y’ALL!!!! 

Fighting amongst rebel groups and armed militias has continued and intensified in some areas making it very difficult for health care workers to contain the virus. As EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) continues to creep north & east towards South Sudan and Uganda we are preparing the way for an evacuation to Kampala for a few weeks IF NEEDED.

Thank you for the affirmation to our last response. It spurs us on to continue to respond, NOT react, and  to continue with the task at hand of discipling the next generation of South Sudanese leaders by Restoring relationships and Renewing communities. 

Here are facts we know:

  • EVD continues to move closer to Arua

  • We are ever vigilant, watchful, and communicative with our fellow expats locally and nationally.

  • Our calling is to these students here and now!

  • We do have contingency plans in place for staff and students to remove ourselves from harms way at the appropriate time.

  • We are currently making sure we are prepared to make the move to Kampala by securing lodging & packing go bags for our team of 40 should it become necessary.

  •  We have a lot of trust in The Ministry of Health in Uganda to mobilize and extinguish EVD if it were to cross the border in the West Nile area.

What we encourage you to do:

  • Look to the World Health Organization www.who.int for reliable updates and education on Ebola

  • Walk with us through this process and trust us to make wise decisions for our team and students

  • Continue to pray and encourage us: a simple note of what the Lord has laid on your heart means the world to us!