Foundation of Hope

It is our hope that as we raise up and equip pastors and church leaders the body of Christ will be strengthened; that those who they shepherd will continue to spread the Gospel and organically live out that Gospel by caring for the widows and orphans in their respective areas; and ultimately, that Jesus will be proclaimed and God glorified throughout the nations. 

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His Voice Global
Circle of Care

Innocence sees himself as a change agent. He grew up in an Evangelical Presbyterian Church orphanage in South Sudan. He was transformed from a little boy who had no parents, home, or future to one who has found hope and is following Christ.

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Susceptible to His Dreams

We are invited to not only celebrate Easter on one Sunday a year, but the invitation is to learn how to continually express the hope of resurrection in our every day lives. The focus of HVG is to partner with community leaders in order to empower vulnerable women and children.

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