Women of Courage – Hope for the Family


In Maai Mahiu, a town that functions off of the revenue of prostitution, there is a group of women who call themselves the Women of Courage. No ordinary women, these are the kind of people who pray unceasingly and have authentic faith in the Lord.

After spending years looking out for boys out on the streets, they took note of how vulnerable the young women of Maai Mahiu were. They started reaching out to them by providing a meal every night. The sad truth is the mothers of these young women are all involved in prostitution. Some of them even conduct their business in the home. But there is a beautiful hope poured out over these girls as the Women of Courage have become like second mothers to them.

These women, from Rift Valley Fellowship church have developed relationships not only with the girls, but with the mothers as well. They know and care for them just like they know and care for the girls. His Voice Global has partnered in this cause, and recently helped in the process of renting Habitat for Humanity houses for these women, and providing the protection they need as they learn how to make a living separate from prostitution.

What is most humbling is to see how much confidence these Women of Courage have in the Lord.

These women will continue to love and pray for at-risk girls and their moms, and we will continue to pray for all of them. Please join us in doing that. The Lord is doing something truly beautiful and renewing in Maai Mahiu, Kenya right now.

We hope you will prayerfully consider contributing to our partnership with Rift Valley Fellowship church is Kenya. Should you feel led to join us in support Lulu Place and the Women of Courage, just click the link below.