I have been reading a great book by Dave Harvey called Rescuing Ambition.

One thing he talks about is how unpopular it is to wait. One of the reasons that God calls us to wait is to redefine our definition of productivity.

We live in a world where time is money, so speed is essential. We define our success by how “productive” we are, and productivity is wrapped up in activity. We develop daily lists that would take months to accomplish and strive to achieve what no man or woman ever could. We lay our heads on our pillows at night, discouraged about failure and driven to try harder tomorrow.

God defines productivity differently. For God, productivity is wrapped up in transformation, in who we’re becoming, not in what we’re accomplishing.

Waiting is often God’s reorientation program aimed at our definition of success. He lovingly empties our misguided preoccupation with accomplishment and fills it with ambitions to know Him and be like Him…

Waiting takes our definition of productivity to school. It tutors us to connect our agenda not to personal achievement but to God’s glory.

Love Truth