Every year we send volunteer teams to work alongside our partners as they walk out the ministry in Kenya. Our heart is to bring encouragement and rest to the workers and joy to the kids as we build relationships with them.


Donate to the Team

We will be focusing on the celebration they will be having for the grand opening of our boys rescue center. We will be spending a lot of time with the kids and their families. As well as making visits to women in the community. 

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Target Registry

Although we try to collect donations from within Kenya, there are some items that are best suited for us to bring from the U.S. You can click the button below to purchase these items for our trip. If you order from this registry, the purchased items will be sent to our team leaders and  added to our luggage when we go. If you see something on the list you would like to purchase elsewhere, please feel free to do so and send it with a team member you may know.


Prayer Guide

As the team travels, they deeply value your prayers and encouragement.  We have provided for you a Prayer Guide you can download or screen shot and be praying as the team travels.


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