We were just in Howrah Train Station yesterday and it was an overwhelming place of pain and love, hope and devastation, disgust and beauty.

As we were walking along one of the train platforms I pointed out a child who was walking on the train tracks. Nabin, the head of the boys home, stopped and called him over. As Daniel (another worker at the home) helped the boy off of the tracks, we waited.

Surjo, the 12 year old boy, came over to us and started talking. Nabin put his arm around Surjo and started to talk with him about coming to the boys home.

Surjo had been talking with Nabin 6 months ago and said he was ready to come to the home, but he had to go sell some empty water bottles real quick. HE NEVER CAME BACK.

Nabin started to pray…for 6 MONTHS.

Yesterday morning Nabin prayed that the Lord will allow us all to see a miracle.

God answered!

His name is Surjo!

Surjo has lived in the train station since he was 8 years old. His parents beat him mercilessly and so he left his home. Exposed to getting high on glue, begging, and seeing all types of violence, Surjo still had Someone who believed in him.

That Someone sent Nabin to show him the power of His rescue.

I wonder how many times we wait around in the middle of a train track and ignore the power of His rescue? I wonder how many times we have just done this because we believe the devastation of our pain can’t be overcome by restoration?

Are you doing that today? There is not much difference between the state of Surjo in the train station and a middle class white person in suburbia America who does not trust the Rescuer. You might be able to go sit in an air conditioned house and slip under the radar of society because it does not look as physically devastating as the horrific scenes in Howrah Train Station, but you haven’t slipped from the eyes of the Rescuer.

His love is intense and transforming. His rescue is powerful.

Pray for Surjo and that he will stay at the boys home in order to get help and healing. Pray for others all around the world, no matter what their socio-economic status. Maybe you need to pray for your self and ask God to come and rescue you from the “train track.”

The six month persevering prayer of Nabin is only a fraction of the patience that God has with you and only a small amount of the infinite love He has for you. Run to Him. He rescues.

Love Truth