Blogging is not my favorite activity…probably because it is more challenging for me than I think it should be.  I feel like it is a bottleneck, for me, in the process of conveying thoughts and ideas.  I am much more of a bullet point list/outline type of person.  Unfortunately that doesn’t make for worthwhile reading material and usually lacks the information stored in my head that is necessary to make sense of said lists and outlines.

That being said I realized this morning that the thoughts and ideas that are in my  journal are more or less intelligible and could probably serve as short blog posts from time to time.  So without further ado here is a short prayer from January 10, 2010 on Matthew 9:14-17.  This was right after Allison and I had just arrived here in O’Fallon and were still adjusting to our new surroundings.

Father I pray that we might see our present circumstances as a fast from comfort and familiarity.  I pray that in our fasting you might create in us a deeper more profound longing for the return of Christ and for our eternal home.

Did I mention that it was a short prayer?  Anyway I hope that whatever it is that God calls you to fast from you will comply so that he might take lesser desires and form them in to an overwhelming desire for him and the return of Jesus.

Have a great week.