I am reading Keller’s new book, King’s Cross. It has been incredible! Here are a few thoughts on how the Trinity influences our life and how this Reality should vastly impact our lives.

If this world was made by a triune God, relationships of love are what life is really all about.

You see, different views of God have different implications. If there’s no God – if we are by blind chance, strictly as a result of natural selection – then what you and I call love is just a chemical condition of the brain. Evolutionary biologists say there’s nothing in us that isn’t there because it helped our ancestors pass on the genetic code more successfully. If you feel love, it’s only because that combination of chemicals enables you to survive and gets your body parts in the places they need to be in order to pass on the genetic code. That’s all love is – chemistry. On the other hand, if God exists but is unipersonal, there was a time when God was not love. Before God created the world, when there was only one divine person, there was no lover, because love can exist only in a relationship. If a unipersonal God had created the world and its inhabitants, such a God would not in his essence be love. Power and greatness possibly, but not love. But if from all eternity, without end and without beginning, ultimate reality is a community of persons knowing and loving one another, then ultimate reality is about love relationships.

Why would a triune God create a world? If he were a unipersonal God, you might say, “Well, he created the world so he can have beings who give him worshipful love, and that would give him joy.” But the triune God already had that – and he received love within himself in a far purer, more powerful form than we human beings can ever give him. So why would he create us? There’s only one answer. He must have created us not to get joy but to give it. He must have created us to invite us into the dance, to say: If you glorify me, if you center your life on me, if you find me beautiful for who I am in myself, the you will step into the dance, which is what you are made for. You are made not just to believe in me or to be spiritual in some general way, not just to pray and get a bit of inspiration when things are tough. You are made to center everything in your life on me, to think of everything in terms of your relationship to me. To serve me unconditionally. That’s where you’ll find your joy. That’s what the dance is about.

Are you in the dance or do you just believe God is out there somewhere? Are you in the dance or do you just pray to God every so often when you’re in trouble? Are you in the dance or are you looking around for someone to orbit around you? If life is a divine dance, then you need more than anything else to be in it. That’s what you’re built for. You are made to enter into a divine dance with the Trinity.

I wonder how many people use “the glorify God” language in much more of a unipersonal sense than the Trinitarian Reality of God. How about you?

Love Truth