South Sudan is the newest country on earth and also one of the poorest. A civil war has ravaged the country for five years, and now it is up to the leadership in each South Sudanese state to broker a badly needed peace. Unfortunately, orphans, vulnerable children, and widows are among the most affected. Nothing these vulnerable people have done has caused their situation, yet they are in desperate need.

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God has uniquely positioned His Voice Global to help with some of the big needs in these countries while acting in obedience to James 1:27 as “His voice” to the vulnerable.

His Voice Global has been active in ministry to South Sudan since 2003. During that time, we have been involved in food distribution, founded a primary school and orphanage, and founded a secondary school and orphanage. Strong relationships have been developed with local church leaders. When civil war broke out in December of 2013, we found that being “His voice” extended beyond “looking after orphans and widows in their distress” to acting as a trusted advisor for peace talks on a grass roots, state-by-state level. This in turn helps to provide the desperately needed stability for the most vulnerable.



Because of the long-term presence of His Voice Global in South Sudan, we have been given many opportunities, on multiple levels of society, to walk alongside the South Sudanese to work towards lasting change for peace. Our Peacemaking Strategy is to facilitate grassroots conversations so warring factions in each state can come together, communicate grievances, and then work towards holistic solutions that will empower the South Sudanese to flourish.

This approach has proven successful in multiple states, as it allows us to not only help vulnerable women and children through our Circle of Care, but it sets the environment for a lasting peace in each state.

Read more about our partnership in South Sudan Peacemaking Dialogues.

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Our partner, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Yei, has day-to-day responsibility for the orphans in our care. This includes helping them become self-sufficient members of society. Life skill development is a part of the holistic discipleship that EPC provides as well.

For economic sustainability, our role is to support EPC by providing Economic Development assistance in creating income-generating opportunities for those in our care. These businesses also help support the orphanages and schools.



As the children and guardians grow in Christ, they step out to renew relationships in their state and engage others to share God’s love and truth. These disciples make other disciples and, over time, their eyes are opened to the brokenness in their community and country.

They desire to work to heal these and see their community renewed. The Education Fund, which provides financial aid for the orphan’s college or trade school attendance, facilitates renewal by preparing the orphans contribute to society in positions of cultural influence.

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Our Next Steps Together

We welcome your partnership in this calling. You can join us in the joyful work of being “His voice” to so many in need while expecting both personal and public transformation of those we serve because of the
power of the gospel.