New His Voice Global Shirt!


We are so lucky to have such amazing companies supporting the work His Voice Global is doing.

One of our partners is VIVE.

Vive is responsible for our “Hope is the Anchor of Our Soul” shirt and now for our “Listen” shirt.

We are using the word “listen” because we do not think we are a “voice for the voiceless”.

We believe that those which we help have voices.

We believe that God hears their prayers.

We pray that we will be the HEARERS.

We pray that we will listen!


When you purchase this new t-shirt, $10.00 goes to His Voice Global. In addition to getting a rad shirt, you get to be a spokesperson for what we are doing.  We would love for you to support both VIVE and His Voice Global by simply purchasing a shirt.

One of the benefits to His Voice Global is that by you wearing a shirt you get to be a billboard for what the Lord is calling us to and what the Lord is doing in the lives of orphans, abandoned children and widows in South Sudan and India.


Click here to order.

Remember, $10.00 from each shirt goes to His Voice Global.

Buy it. Tweet it. Wear it.

Thanks for partnering with us!