Bishop, our “feet” in South Sudan, has recently taken a trip to Duk County, Jonglei…

The following is the story of what he saw through words and images. Some of the images may make you uneasy, but this is just the reality of the situation. Sometimes, when I am working on this kind of thing, I begin to wonder, where do we start? I find the last few images in this post the most encouraging because they answered that question for me…We have already started.

Bishop, our “feet” in South Sudan, has recently taken a trip to Duk County, Jonglei. This area has been devastated by fighting. These people are left without anything aside from wild fruit and honey. In the following images you will see a man smoking bees out of their hive to be able to access the honey, while his friend stands aside covering his body so as not to get stung by the wild African bees.

honey diggin

Here is a little bit of background.

The Nuer tribe went and killed 3,000 Murle people. The Murle took revenge by making a surprise attack on Dinka’s in Duk County.

The Duk tribes are peace loving people. Although they are Dinka’s, they speak both Nuer and Murle languages. Many times they have fallen victim of the two tribes fighting, due to being neighbors and having language in common.

The devastation left on the Dinka’s in Duk County by the Murle was great. They killed 120 people, wounded over 300 and took over 500 head of cattle and goats. This was a brutal attack that left many of their homes burnt to the ground and many children orphaned.






praying for hurt

Bishop praying with wounded Duk man.

broken arm

This woman has a broken arm, a broken leg a gun shot wound in her chest and a knife wound in her back.

praying for wounded

Praying for an injured woman in the hospital

burnt houses

The remains of a burnt down home.

5 and 3 year old

The image above is of a 5 year old boy and his 3 year old brother. Their parents were killed in the fighting. The 3 year old was left in the care of the 5 year old.

The church is keeping watch over them.


This little boy has also been left alone. No family, no food, and no clothes.

It is the Church’s responsibility to help in anyway we can!

Currently the big organizations, like the UN are rushing to Pibor (another region being hit by famine), but no one has come to the aid of the Duk people.

It is our heartbeat as a Church, to hurry and rescue the innocent people of Duk County with food, medicine,second hand clothes and anything else they may need. We have already supplied some first aid kits as well as Bibles; they lost many Bibles when their houses were burnt during the attack.



This is an image of the trucks unloading medical kits and Bibles.delivering first aid kits


This is an image of Bishop, praying with another Bishop. Offering encouragement through our Lord.


This is how  you can be a part of helping this community heal:

Hopefully you have heard of our 29 by 29 campaign. We have been asking people to join us and be a monthly supporter of the work of His Voice Global.

We have broken down our North Korea numbers to $10.00 a month to feed a child.

Now we know that to help these beautiful Southern Sudanese people it is only going to cost $16.00 a month to feed and clothe one person.


Consider joining our 29 by 29 Campaign now and sponsoring one or two lives, like these brothers.
5 and 3 year old



To join our monthly giving all you have to do is click here and fill out the form. Don’t forget to mark that you would like it to be a recurring donation, monthly.


Thanks for caring and for being an advocate for His Voice Global! We appreciate you!