Hello His Voice Friends!

I am writing to you from Vishakapatnam, India, and I am pleased to say that God is doing a great work in this country.

I felt super honored and, to be honest, almost like I had achieved celebrity status when I was mentioned in the last blog, so I figured I would introduce myself to the His Voice blogging world. I’m not sure if Vernon, Amber, and Justin knew exactly what kind of insanity they were releasing onto their blog when they asked me to be the guest blogger for a time and gave me full access. It’s going to be a fun ride!

So, as was stated, my name is Chilli Lugo. I currently work on staff at The Village Church in Denton, Dallas, and Flower Mound/Highland Village as the Associate Missions Minister. Essentially, I am blessed to minister to the Body of Christ by writing curriculum about missions and making sure that those who desire to learn have proper access to the teaching they need. Coming up on two years ago now, the Lord set India on my heart and my desire has been to intercede on its behalf until the time, God willing, in the future that I can live and serve there more long term.

I am currently here with a short term team from our church. Our primary purpose this round is to build up the local Body by having some of our pastors teach at their pastors’ conference and then the rest of us sharing the Gospel with women and children at their Vacation Bible School and in local schools. In about ten days my team will be leaving me and I will head to a different part of India on behalf of my His Voice friends to do some research on what the Lord is doing there and what role He may have His Voice play in the future. I should also be able to get some fun footage of the boy’s home you’ve been hearing about so look out for that!

There you have it! A short introduction and a head’s up for what’s to come. I must be on my way, as I am actually sneaking this blog entry in behind my team’s back! I was throwing up earlier today (I’m totally fine though, no worries!) and they forced me to stay and rest in bed.

Instead….I snuck to the hotel computer room! Don’t rat me out!

Be lifting us up in prayer if you will, and pray especially for wisdom and vision for Vernon and Justin and for discerment and spiritual eyes for me. I am so eager to hear from the Lord His specific direction for His Voice in India.

Hope in Christ Alone,

Chilli Lugo