Phew. That last one was a little zany; I must admit. I am about to get on my third flight, but the last flight was fantastic! Only, of course because the Lord- oh man, sometimes I just can’t get over it-His goodness! How is it possible to live through the sensation of being weighed down in the most unbearable way by the most inconceivable love? “Surely,” I think, every time it comes over me, “I will not be able to endure such a feeling.” But alas, the Lord! He is such an ardent but gentle lover of the soul. It is like Ivan Fyodorovich in The Brothers Karamazov, who says, “I shall grow drunken on the tenderness of my own emotion. The sticky leaf-buds of spring, the blue sky- I love them, that’s what! Here there is no intellect, no logic, here it is a question of loving with one’s insides, one’s belly…”
You must forgive my inarticulate expression of spiritual ecstasy. I just feel so enlivened. I’m certain you would desire to know it’s root, and it is simply that once again the Lord gave me the opportunity to share the glorious Gospel of His son Christ Jesus on the plane ride. Almost every episode of travel on this trip I’ve gotten to talk about the One I love, and it always results in this terrible stretching of the chest, this catch in the throat, a near spasm of silly joy. I am sorry that now you, the reader, are victim to it, but also I am not sorry at all. Praise be to His glorious name!
If you will, lift up Martin, who had many questions about whether one can talk with God and, more importantly, whether God responds. I am on the edge of my seat just thinking about what could happen in the life of this man from Belgium. What great things He is doing in the air, on land, and on sea! Everywhere He is calling people to Himself for He has made known the “mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth” (Ephesians 2:9b-10). If you are one, like I still often do, has fear or timidity in sharing the Gospel, please know, it is one of the gladdest practices of the Christian life. I exhort you, share! It may be a petty and inadequate comparison, but I alway liken it to having a favorite movie. When you see a movie you really love (let’s say…Inception…let’s say hypothetically you saw it twice while you were in India), you naturally talk about it and share it with others encouraging them to go and see it as well. Evangelism doesn’t always have to be a big to-do. It doesn’t always have to have a plan or a method (although I am pro using amethod if it helps). So often it is merely an overflow. Try it! Tell someone about a great movie. Then tell them about a great God.
When I go back to writing to you about India, I’ll tell you about how there is some incredible ministry of evangelism and testimony sharing that is changing lives. That should get us stirred up!

Ok- getting kicked out of the internet lounge here in Hyderabad, but keep coming back!


p.s. My favorite movie is not Inception. But. It. Was. Awesome. Twice.
p.p.s. I hope I am making a lot more sense than I feel like I am.