I was watching a cartoon with Titus this morning on Disney Jr., while we have been down here in Baton Rouge.

A quote got my attention, “I think emotions splash in your mind like art.”

Here are a couple thoughts:

1. The textures of emotion can be appreciated so much more when we step back and look at the entire canvas. Yet, many times we will need to see a singular canvas through the lens of a series. Dark nights and heavy colors can paint the surety of defeat if we do not look at the entire series. Times of gaiety and light colors can go unappreciated if we are always looking for the next “dark night”. The grit or smoothness all speak to the overall thought that is being expressed, yet trying to make everything smooth or gritty would be to degrade the art.

We do the same things with our emotions many times. We become imprisoned by only wanting to feel one emotion (some even try to become “emotionless”). There is an incredible joy when you can have a multiplicity of emotions, while not always needing to explain them away, silence them, or be totally controlled by them.

2. Emotions invite us into the reality of our propensity to try and control so much. A thought of divine bliss crashes into our mind and many people immediately become desperate to do anything to hold on to the effects of this emotion. Have you ever been there? We become nearly frantic in order to perpetually “feel peace”. It’s a strange reality.

What if God just wants you to see His grace in giving this incredible gift, yet the response is fright, ingratitude, and a frenzied pace of covetousness? What if the desperate emotions that accompany depression are not to be crushed by, but somehow bring us into the reality that, no matter what, one day the veil will lift? Yet, we choose distrust on both sides and greatly atrophy ourselves.

The art of emotion is an intense invitation to see the infinite amount of ways in which God has called us into this Grand Story. How will you respond?

Love Truth