Lulu Place – Hope for
a New Generation of Girls


His Voice Global has teamed up with Rift Valley Hope church in Kenya to build a Girls Safe House called Lulu Place.


The town of Maai Mahiu in Kenya consists of 5000 people and 600 prostitutes. That’s about 1 prostitute for every 8 people. Maai Mahiu is located on the “HIV highway” also known as “The AIDS belt” in Africa. The prostitutes, or CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers), are mostly made up of teens and young women.

These young women’s view of Christianity is a sad thing. They say some Christians judge them as being more sinful than the clients for whom they’re working. Others are the clients for whom they’re working. Neither of these paint a desirable picture of Christianity to these girls.

In response, we have helped create a Safe House, Lulu Place, to accommodate 8-12 young and vulnerable girls with the potential to fall into the trade of prostitution. Some of them have been orphaned. Some of their mothers are currently working as prostitutes. Lulu Place will provide the girls with an education and teach them life skills to make a living working in a field other than prostitution.

 Lulu Place, which means “precious, protected, and containing great value or worth” in Swahili, carries out our mission in a number of vital ways. The girls who will be residing here will be equipped with education, safety, and an opportunity to live out a future void of prostitution. Lulu Place will be engaging the community and connecting it to the church.

We’re so excited about Lulu Place! Please be praying for a continued fruitful partnership between us and Rift Valley Hope church, and for the future of these girls and Maai Mahiu.

It will be some time before Rift Valley Hope church will be able to support Lulu Place on their own, and there is still much to be done. We need your help, and hope that you will prayerfully consider contributing to the monthly operating needs at Lulu Place. Should you feel led to join us in support Lulu Place, just click the link below and select “Kenya” in the drop down list.