Susceptible to His Dreams


When your feet hit the floor each morning after a nights sleep, how often have you thought, “Am I making myself susceptible to the dreams of God?”

Susceptible comes with the idea of “being influenced”.

Dreams? God dreaming?!?

Yes, He does. Think more of dreams in this context as God’s choice to indulge His imagination with the designs He has set in place for the Kingdom.

The dreams of God are to restore, rebuild, and renew.

The dreams of God are active expressions of His eternal love.

Therefore, it is important to be influenced, become susceptible, to the rhythms He has set in place.

A helpful way I have found to help frame my day is to ask “Am I making myself susceptible to the dreams of God?” when I am jumping in the shower as well, so I can frame my day in the hope of what He is weaving.

Maybe you have a different question or a different time you help to frame your day, but let me encourage you to take time and ask yourself a “lens question” that helps to set an intention that makes you optimistically aware of what God is asking you to partner with Him in.

This lens question of casting my mind on the dreams of God (especially restoring, rebuilding, and renewing) have helped immensely to set my day and actions align with what we are carrying out at His Voice Global.

I would set apart time to explore a lens question that helps to empower you each day. After all, you cannot control every situation in life, but you can express the self-control of choosing how you will respond.

If you ever want to talk through this idea (or getting traction on a lens question), don’t hesitate to reach out:

Live loved,

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