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In Acts 16 the apostle Paul and his companions received the “Macedonian call”. Should they travel further into the continent of Asia? The Bible says that twice they were not allowed to go that direction before Paul received a vision of a man begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” That was all it took, as Paul and his traveling party “got ready at once” to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called them to preach the gospel there.

At His Voice Global, we seek to Restore relationships through our Circle of Care, Rebuild purpose through Economic Development assistance, and Renew relationships with God by providing Theological and Discipleship Training.  Of the three, it seems that we sometimes report to you the least on what God has given us to do in the third category of our ministry. Let’s see if we can correct that!

Last fall, the His Voice executive team visited Uganda to strategize with our full-time missionaries in Arua and pray about what doors the Lord would open. While there, we identified an indigenous pastor who has since mobilized a group of 25 to 30 leaders who began to study through our discipleship material this past May. While we were beginning to make those arrangements, we learned God was moving in a mostly Muslim state in northern Uganda. A fellow worker told us of new Muslim background believers who had accepted Jesus, but needed discipleship training. This fellow worker asked us to take these new believers through our discipleship training. Darrell Parrish, our Director of Theological and Discipleship Training, led both of these groups as they seek to become “disciples who make disciples”.

Kenya has provided a good example of how this model is moving forward. The staff from Rift Valley Hope along with more than 20 other pastors and church leaders from the surrounding area have attended our first six weeks of training. Last year the lead pastor and the associate pastor began taking another group of over thirty, from more remote areas, through the material. Six different Kenyan tribes are represented among this group!

Darrell is in East Africa leading more training sessions as we seek to “Raise up Leaders” for the Kingdom as you read this. Will you join us in praying for the spread of God’s Word during this current trip and for His continued direction as we ask Him for our own “Macedonian Call”? Where will He have us serve next?


Vernon & Amber Burger


From the Journal: Training Church Leaders in Uganda

In May we had the opportunity to take our Foundation of Hope training and discipleship to Northern Uganda for the first time.


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We added a new section to our website that highlights primary ministry needs that are critical to the fulfillment of what God has called us to do this year. As you consider where God would have you direct your gift, visit this section of the site, share with friends and know that you are playing a vital role in the restoration of broken relationships with God, themselves, others, and creation. We could not continue our work without you!