Rhythms of Prayer


Ruth Haley Barton says, “You would be surprised what your soul wants to say to God. You would be surprised what God wants to say to your soul.”

It is this type of freedom in prayer we must dedicate ourselves to exploring.

Prayer is well understood as “being present to His presence.”

As we walk through this journey called life, I’ve found (especially in the ministry we get to carry out with HVG) that not taking time out for concentrated prayer is something that can easily become a habit.

There, I said it.

Yet, it does not have to be this way.

A rhythm of prayer we have adopted at HVG is to concentrate in specific areas each day. I am sharing these as a pattern, so you can possibly join in with us, or this may lead to helping you get more definition in your prayer life as well.

So, here is our weekly structure:


Monday: Kenya

Tuesday: Uganda

Wednesday: South Sudan

Thursday: HVG (Internal)…this is a time to pray over each team member and ways we can grow as an organization internally.

Friday: HVG (External)…this is where we concentrate on “dreaming about the future”…what new places should we expand, are there new programs for us to implement, etc.

If you adopt this prayer pattern on behalf of HVG, please feel free to pass on to me any promises, “words from The Lord,” or impressions you think we need to hear.

Ultimately, in the words of Henri Nouwen, “Our lives are not problems to be solved but journeys to be taken with Jesus as our friend and finest guide.”

May we be faithful to see, hear, and walk in the ways of Him who is our friend and guide.

Live loved,

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