November 10th is Orphan Sunday


November 10th is Orphan Sunday. It is a time where Christians come together, no matter what denomination, and make a concerted effort to bring prayer, awareness, and action to the cause of the orphan. 

UNICEF says there are over 140 Million orphans worldwide! Africa has over 43 Million!

These astonishing numbers are devastating and hard to wrap our minds around. Yet, this reality cannot lead to paralysis. 

The orphan epidemic will never be approached properly as a “faceless social issue”. 15 years ago we had already taken in our first orphans in South Sudan. I was stopping by a local hospital to pray with people and I had this overwhelming sense that we simply were not doing enough. Yes, I knew what we were doing was important, but it just seemed like it was so small compared to the overall orphan crisis. 

As I turned the corner in the hospital I saw this incredibly scared burn victim who was probably about 8 years old. He did not have any family with him at all. Just as I bent down to pray with and just sit next to him, the Holy Spirit said, “One makes up the many.” 

It was this exquisite picture of learning to love the person right in front of me, all the while trusting that a personal God truly wants to speak restoration and mercy into the lives He puts in my path.

At His Voice Global, this is the exact approach we try to take.

We believe God has placed (and will continue to) incredible vulnerable children and orphans in front of us, so we can walk alongside them for a lifetime. 

We have already been able to see some of our kids graduate secondary school and become young men and women who are in vo-tech school and university. 

As Orphan Sunday comes up, I pray you would see how “One makes up the many” can be a lens to empower you in personalizing and acting on behalf of orphans. If The Lord leads, we would love if you would love for you to consider being a financial partner with HVG.

Live loved,

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