Sometimes it is. I guess it depends on what “being the best” looks like.

I just read an article on all the guys that were inducted in the football hall of fame yesterday. The quote that stood out to me the most was from Jerry Rice, the great wide receiver.

“My single regret about my career is I never took the time to enjoy it,” he said. “I was always working.”

“I was afraid to fail. The fear of failure is the engine that has driven me my entire life. The reason they never caught me from behind is because I ran scared. People always are surprised how insecure I was. The doubts, the struggles, is who I am. I wonder if I would have been as successful without them.”

So, my question is, “Do you think that having the fear of failure as your motivation, would be worth ‘being the best’ in what you are doing?”

I am just wondering (out loud, of course) if the stress would be worth all of it. I also need to confess that the fear of failure has been a huge motivation in my life. The problem for me is that it has also come at a steep cost of not enjoying life, in many instances.

I look at all the children in the orphanages in Sudan and the thing that amazes me is not that they do not have certain things, but it is that they possess so much! Their simplicity of life is clearly brilliant and in many times, filled with joy.

Makes you wonder who is truly successful. Yet, my great teachers (the orphans) have invited me into a life that values that which is of utmost importance. It would be wise for me to be a good student and absorb the teaching.

Love Truth