Vernon Burger II is the Founder and Executive Director of His Voice Global. The Lord placed in his heart a desire to care for and minister to orphans and widows. He has a deep desire to help train and equip the Church to live out the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus. Vernon also loves to spend time with his wife, Amber, and their two boys, Titus and Justus.

Vernon will be teaching on Friday night and Sunday morning.  He will be tackling the topics of “The Kingdom and Missions”, and “The Role of the Holy Spirit and Missions”.


Friday Night Essential to a proper understanding of the Gospel is an awareness that missions is a clear picture of the Kingdom of God “breaking into history”.  How we go and make disciples of all nations also impacts the picture of the Kingdom of God and the Gospel that others develop.  Therefore, we will define what is meant by the Kingdom, missions, and the Gospel. We will then discuss how God is redeeming all things and how He has invited us to participate in the song of redemption He is spreading everywhere.

Sunday AM –  An accurate understanding of the action of the Holy Spirit is key to having a proper understanding of our call to mission. We will look at the activity and disposition of the Holy Spirit through history, how He has empowered us to live a life of being “more than conquerors” in Jesus, and how His action gives us the ability to spread the redemption anthem of the Kingdom no matter what the cost.