Danny Dyer is the lead pastor of Central Christian Church’s Northeast Campus in Las Vegas, NV.  He, together with his wife Mallory, are raising their almost-3-year-old daughter Maddie, and are expecting their son Beau to be born sometime in early October.  Danny has been active in ministry since 1999, after having a life-altering encounter with the Risen Lord. His life’s calling and vocation is to pastor God’s people by declaring the good news of Jesus and His kingdom, and pursuing (through fervent prayer and teaching) yet another spiritual awakening before His glorious return.

Saturday – A correct understanding of missions has implications on numerous areas of  the Christian life.  In our sessions together, we will be exploring two of those areas in particular: discipleship and social justice.  I’m praying that through our time together God will instruct us on how to faithfully maintain and pass on the legacy of Jesus, enabling us to re-weave the social fabric of our world by implementing the Bible’s idea of Shalom and New Creation.  I’m hoping that all of us will be able to pray anew “Your kingdom come, your will be done HERE ON EARTH, just as it is in heaven.”