Rick McKinley has a new book that I HIGHLY recommend, The Kingdom Called Desire.

Here are a few incredible insights that Rick gives.

1. Jesus called you to love you, not to use you.

2. We can’t get into the kingdom with the life we have, because the kingdom in its essence is the life of Jesus expressed through His followers, who have been crucified with Christ so they no longer live, but Christ lives in them (Galatians 2:20).

3. We are people carrying around our crucified bodies working very hard to resuscitate them through great theology and good works, but the end result is always the same. Our desire for God is not strong enough, our purity is not pure enough, our faith is not big enough, and our efforts are not powerful enough to create life. Worn out from dragging around dead bodies, we assume that whatever it takes to be a good Christian is something that eludes us. We just don’t have what it takes.

The life we have been striving for is Jesus’ life. It has already been lived, perfected, and given to us. We can let go of our lives, our rotted beams and sinful ways, and instead love and worship Jesus.

Love Truth