I just got these pictures today and was blown away!


One of the goals in Sudan was for the orphanages to be financially self sustained. As of today, all three orphanages are! Beyond this exciting goal that we were able to see come into fruition this year, the orphans at the Secondary School decided to start their own business…WITHOUT ANYONE EVEN TELLING THEM IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!

Here is the correspondence that Bishop sent to me along with the photo’s.


This is a good photo for your new year celebration; those of Emmy our Secondary School Orphans are molding bricks to raise money for their extra needs. I am excited because no one told them to do it; but they decided on their own which is a good thing to encourage. They already produce 4,000 raw bricks and their target is to produce 10,000 bricks.

The children are doing this after school and during their breaks. This would be equivalent to a high school student getting a job here in The States.

The second picture is of Esther (we were able to get heart surgery for her a couple of years ago in Uganda). She is making table covers to sell.

Be encouraged by their perseverance and vision. Please pray for them!

If you would like to help us build a 4th orphanage, go here. We could greatly use YOUR help!

Love Truth