“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

One of the most exciting projects we’ve initiated this year is the Arise Discipleship and Retreat Center. When Megan Elkins, our Uganda Care Coordinator, suggested we use this verse from Isaiah as the basis for the Center’s name, we just knew it was a revelation from God!

The city of Arua, Uganda is a crossroads of activity in a country that has become the destination for over a million South Sudanese refugees. The Lord, in his providence, established Arua as the home base for our wonderful missionary couples and their families, and made it very clear to us how they could be used to be His voice among a people that very much need to hear it.

The Arise Center will:

  • Provide a home for our orphans while they attend university or trade schools in Uganda

  • Become a base from which refugees and others who are seeking God can hear the Gospel

  • Offer missionaries from all across east Africa a place of rest and spiritual refreshment

  • Encourage Pastors with Discipleship Training from our Foundation of Hope curriculum

  • Ensure His Voice Global’s Uganda based missionaries have a strategic base for their ministry

God is moving in Uganda. Local people from Arua are already beginning to ask about what is going on with all the activity around the beautiful piece of land on which the discipleship center will be built. Refugees and visitors coming to Arua are curious as well. Recently, His Voice missionary Mike Elkins was visited by three Muslims, including an Imam, who were curious about Mike’s work and his faith in Jesus.

As we move forward with the completion of the infrastructure and the eventual building of the Arise Center, know that we appreciate your prayers and your support as we follow His voice together.


Amber and Vernon Burger