I think that in view of my thoughts on “A Small Acquaintance With The Kingdom” a person might object by saying, “Well, are you saying to not talk about sin?”

My immediate response is a resounding, NO!

The problem is that if you are only talking about sin, you will become the exact thing that Jesus railed against, a pharisee.

In The Garden, God didn’t tell Adam and Eve to sit by The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil and make the totality of their existence to be about meditating on how they shouldn’t eat from the tree! He gave them an entire garden to cultivate and enjoy! He gave them wide vistas to commune with Him! Yet, many times people talk as if the totality of the Christian life is to only make sure that “we don’t eat from the tree.”

I think this is appalling to God.

Your objection might be, “Watch out. This is how people go down the road of liberal theology.” I would say, “Watch out. Hell is already at your throat and Mt. 23 is pretty loud about it.”

We must talk about The Kingdom. We must talk about sin. Part of the “what we are for” talk needs to be the 10 Commandments. The problem is when you think life is ONLY the 10 Commandments. As my friend, Matt Kearns says, “The 10 Commandments are THE RADICAL MINIMUM STANDARD.”

Jump in the depths and riches of The Kingdom! Run in the meadows of His joyful provision. In this, sin will be all the more devastating and hope will be increasingly palpable. Live in His love.

As you go, live unto Life.

Love Truth