We are so pumped to have an incredible friend that will be guest blogging with us!  Her name is Maureen (Moe fo’ short) Lunn.  Moe is a great friend that knows A TON about Sudan.  She will be focused on giving us some great information on the Peace Agreement, different political situations that are going on in Sudan, and other various topics that will help you to be more informed about Sudan.  Here are a few things she wrote about her background.  THIS THURSDAY WILL BE HER FIRST POST!!!  We are pumped!

I started traveling overseas as a teenager, and always found Africa particularly compelling, though I had never been there. In college, I studied abroad in Hong Kong and had the chance to visit South Africa for three weeks, both which greatly sparked my interest in international issues.  After graduating with a degree in religious studies from SBU, I returned to Hong Kong for a year working as a youth ministry intern at an international church there.  Upon returning to Kansas City and settling in, I craved a way to get involved with something of international flavor while I remained stateside–I came upon the ONE Campaign–Bono’s campaign to provide more foreign assistance to Africa.  I began to volunteer regularly, and two years later discovered that I had become extremely passionate about poverty, development and aid in Africa.  So, I turned that passion into a Masters degree at KU in International Studies, with a certificate in East African Studies.

The East part of my African interest came through my husband, Toby, who had lived in Kenya before we met and spent a year in Sudan while I was in graduate school, while we were dating.  His time in Sudan sparked my interest in the area there known as Nuba Mountains, which continues to be my primary area of focus in research and knowledge today.  I had the pleasure of visiting Kenya twice and Sudan once during 2008, while Toby was living there.

Today, I work for a neighborhood revitalization organization in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri.  Toby and I hope to relocate to Kenya or Sudan sometime in the next few years.