We have the floor plan for the 4th Orphanage buildings!
The plan is to build 4 of these buildings and then maybe a 5th later on.
Each of the buildings will have the capacity to house up to 20 orphans and 2 mothers.


Each building will be $30,000.00 to build.

If we count each space/hallway as a room, that gives us 15 rooms. If we break it down it cost just $2,000 per. room.

We think it would be brilliant if families, small groups, sunday school classes and church communities took on the task of paying for either one room or one building.

This project is something that will truly give life to 22 people. If we have 13 groups/families to give just one room, we will have one building of our fourth orphanage completely paid for.

So, friends, what do you say to giving hope?

If you have any questions or need some ideas on how your group could raise $2000 or would like to have an event to help us build this orphanage, contact Sarah at sarah@posts.com.php53-16.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com