1. Prepare

• Many “rabbit trails” come from a lack of preparation. When the people in the meeting see a direction for discussion and action items it can be a group effort to “stay on task.”

2. Concise

• This should not produce a fear of talking, but should be a practice on the value of words. Always try to encourage well, give useful feedback, and stay on topic.

3. Precise

• Since the value of words is so important and powerful we should always work to clearly articulate what we are saying. Being concise does not necessarily mean precision. Make sure your thoughts really speak to the topic being discussed.

4. Restate

• Many times meetings become “places of death” because the things that are talked about are not executed. Restate what needs to happen and who is the point person for each item.

What are some of your thoughts on how to have effective meetings?

Love Truth