February brings us an extra day, so we decided to have some fun with it. One of the ways we continue to do the work we do is by having partners. Our partners are our monthly givers. We appreciate the consistency in our monthly donors because we can count on their giving to make sure work gets done!

PhotobucketOur hope is to get 29 new monthly donors by the 29th of this month.

Giving seems so simple, but it goes such a long way in making disciples.

If you think this is something you can’t afford, consider  giving as little as $10.00 a month or as much as you can afford!

At the end of each week we are going to do a drawing of all of our new donors. The winner will get a fun bundle that we are putting together from our friends and supporters. These bundles will include things like Project 7 coffee.

Shirts from Vive.

CD’s from Lecrae and Tedashii.

Books from Rodney Reeves and Jen Hatmaker

…and more.


For those of you who are already monthly supporters, we want to honor you too! On the 29th, we will be doing another drawing and one of you will receive a fun bundle!

So, How can you become a monthly supporter?

It is this easy!

1. Click HERE.

2. Fill out the form. In the “donation Preferences” sectionMake sure to choose, “I would like to make this a recurring donation deducted Monthly”

3. Submit.

4. You are finished and entered to win a bundle!

If you want to go a step further,  tweet or facebook, “I just became a partner with @Hisvoiceglobal – you should check them out!”

Your advocacy is a true blessing to this ministry.

The First Drawing will be next Wednesday, February 8th, at noon.