When loving parents have a child, or adopt a child, their natural desire is to care for and love him or her with all their heart.  And, as any of you veteran parents know, that desire does not stop when a child graduates from high school! We want to be there for our kids for a lifetime.

But what happens when there are no parents? And, what happens when the child lives in a country like South Sudan where prolonged war has claimed the lives of many more civilians than the actual armed combatants? Who cares for those children?

At His Voice Global, we have dedicated ourselves to this cause. As we continue to “bring you up to speed” on what God is doing through our ministry, I think it would be helpful for you to read about how some of the kids God has placed in our Circle of Care are thriving because of your continued investment in their lives.

Because of the His Voice Education Fund, kids like Innocence and Emmy have a bright future, and so may their home country of South Sudan.

We appreciate you!

Amber and Vernon Burger