Where is Your Foundation Built?

Jesus closes His famous sermon by using the comparison of someone who builds their house on rock or sand. Notice, both people hear what has been said! The only difference between having a solid foundation or one that will be washed away is by doing what has been heard.

It is fascinating that Jesus also just got done saying that “doing” is not inherently what many people consider to be the hand of God (v. 22…mighty works, powerful preaching, etc.). The one who actually carries out the works of Jesus is the one who anchors themselves all the way back into the beginning part of The Sermon where Jesus says “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world”.

As we said then, when Jesus makes these two statements the rest of The Sermon is unpacking those who trust “You are” with those who are still trying to prove their worth to God (thus, the constant comparison with what looked to be righteous living in the Pharisees and the exceedingly righteous way of Jesus).

Therefore, I hope you would see the foundation that is built on the rock will simply be who He says you already are, which is righteous. To live out what He has already declared in you is by definition the life of integrity.

Ultimately, Jesus declares one anthem over our life which is to “Live loved”. When we do this turning a deaf ear to His ways is seen for what it is, the shifting sand lifestyle of trying to prove we are loved. So, today know this, you are loved.