Rick McKinley continues to break it off in his new book, A Kingdom Called Desire.

Chapter nine could possibly be the best I have ever read about the abiding life. Here are some thoughts he gives.

1. We are not called to trust in our faith. We are invited to trust Jesus.

2. In trusting Jesus I trust a living person. I am not trusting in an act that took place two thousand years ago on the cross, but I am trusting the one who accomplished that act of salvation on the cross and rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and is alive today.

3. I don’t make Him show up by faith; I have faith that He is showing up…We are not making righteousness happen by believing enough, but we are trusting that the new self created to be like God is something I participate in by the Holy Spirit…

Putting on the new self is putting on Christ. It’s kind of an odd way to say it, I suppose, but the image that Paul is using is perfect if we pay attention to what is going on. I put on Christ, in that I am now participating in His life rather than my old life. I don’t trust in my faith to make the old life holy. I discard it. I put on the new life, which is the life of Jesus, and the life of Jesus is present with me by His Spirit because Jesus reigns right now in Heaven and has brought us into His life by the Spirit. I simply participate in His life.

4. I trust Jesus to be who Jesus is, and I trust that His life is actually alive in me and that I am alive in Him. My security is not in my faith or even in my experience. It is in Jesus’ life. It is in Jesus’ ability to be my new self.

Love Truth