Three parts of true humility.

1. Realize you are not as valuable as God.

2. Realize He is infinitely important and valuable.

3. Realize that because He is infinitely valuable and worthy and that you are made in His image; you are therefore also valuable, yet not worth self absorption.

So many times a huge focus on humility becomes personal depravity. It is very important to know you are depraved beyond anything you could ever imagine, yet part of the utter terrible aspect of personal depravity comes because we have such great importance and value! I am not trying to become egotistical when I say this…after all, read #3.

Here is a practical outworking of when “humility” becomes prideful. I have almost always had a very low view of myself. For some people this comes off as humility, yet it is false humility. We had some friends over tonight and were talking about the power of words. I was telling them how I am sure that I have said some completely stupid things to Amber in the course of our marriage and have not even thought they made any impact on her. Here is the reason why. I very rarely think I have anything intelligent to say towards myself, so why would she even think twice about taking me seriously.

To many this can sound like humility, but it isn’t! It is hell at my throat and has been spilled in our marriage. Yet, the answer is not to try and make much of myself. The answer is to know God and trust that since He has made me, He will be faithful to express Himself to me and through me to Amber.

After all, to say we are made in the image of God, yet we are worthless, would be to say that God is worthless. I wonder how many of my words towards Amber have shown that I believe God is worthless?

If all of this devastation with words is so possible, one great takeaway is that our words can also breath Life in other people. I pray our humility would be so truly grounded in Him that we would speak Life and run in confidence.

Love Truth