I am still reading through Rescuing Ambition. The dude is blowin’ my world up. Here is some more goodness on praise.

Where does your heart go when praise comes our way? Does it make more humble or hungry for more praise?

When praise meets Godly ambitions, it inspires gratitude toward God. One telltale sign of Godliness in our ambitions is how easily we transfer honor to God, recognizing Him as the source and power of our performance. Why? Because we did it for His glory in the first place.

But when we crave our own glory, we keep praise to ourselves. We don’t pass it along. Like a gluttonous prince, we feast on every morsel, then demand a larger portion.

How do you react with praise? Does gratitude toward God well up when others praise you? If you immediately move to reject praise from others, this is not humility. It is pride.

Take time to praise others today.

Love Truth