The Narrow Gate

Two times Jesus sums up the Law and Prophets. One is when Jesus says that it is loving God and then our neighbor as ourselves. The other is in this passage, where He says we should do to others what we would want them to do to us.

This Golden Rule is not meant to be a burden that breaks our back, but it does not mean what Jesus says is easy. In fact, The Golden Rule is the narrow gate. Jesus does not have rose-colored glasses. When we truly think about doing to others what we would want them doing to us we realize this can be profoundly difficult. Nobody has a great feast because someone else violated them. The Golden Rule gives us a way forward in the midst of everyday life.


When someone hurts us, it is not impossible to forgive, but it can be difficult.


When someone else is struggling it is not impossible to help them, but it can be profoundly painful at times. Therefore, I hope you see the narrow gate that leads to life will be difficult at times to fit through, yet it opens up to a brilliant wilderness of possibility that is ever expanding and creative. The narrow gate may be painful at times, but through its passageway is the provision of abundance that we live.


The narrow gate expands upon entrance, whereas the wide gate perpetually gets smaller.