Justin and I were talking on the phone and he was telling me about how easy it is for people to serve the god called “Problem Solving”.

He is an idol.

Do you find your self MAINLY feeling “relief” from solving problems and then going from problem to problem?  Before you know it, your life not only becomes a matter of problems, but it also puts you in the false reality that you are the “problem solver”.

I am not saying we shouldn’t work through things, but if you are anything like me, you can get so worked up about problems that the only form of relief comes when you have “solved your problem.”

Notice, God is not in any of this talk.  Well, maybe He is some of the time, but only as a servant to the god called “Problem Solving”.  It’s idolatry (putting anything in the place of God as the ultimate pursuit in life).

What do you say we make a resolution.  Quit bowing down to the god called “Problem Solving”.

Now, how do you think we do this?

Love Truth