James is clear that it is not God who tempts us (James 1:13), but Jesus teaches us to pray that we would not even be led into temptation by God. Yet, we know that temptation at times seems to be an hour by hour occurrence. So, in the face of the millions of temptations, we all walk through notice the following.

First, God is not somehow cosmically detached from what we are going through and “looking down” to see if we happen to fall.


He leads us.


He is a Trailblazer.

He is active and with us.

He is not the One who tempts, but He is the One who will not leave us in the middle of temptation.

Second, because all is grace, not succumbing to temptation is not some way of proving ourselves to God. Since He leads our way in the middle of temptation and He always gives us a way out (see 1 Cor. 10:13) then we can think of The Trailblazer as leading us and saying, “I have already delivered you from this. Trust Me. Do not be afraid.”

Therefore, I hope you see that Jesus teaching us to pray our cries in the middle of the depths of temptation allows us to know an ever present God who does not want us to prove anything, but simply says that He will be with us when we walk through the fire.

All temptation is a way for us to rest in “God is faithful” which frees us from trying to prove our faithfulness to Him. In turn, abiding in His faithfulness ends up being the way we actually express our faith.