I was just reading Ps. 143 and verse 1 caused me to think a ton through the focus of my prayers.

“In Your faithfulness answer me, in Your righteousness.”

How often do you bank on “your faithfulness” as being the reason in which God does or does not answer your prayers how you would like?

I have found that much discouragement in prayer comes when prayer mainly becomes about me.  After all, the point of prayer is not even mainly to “get something” from God, but to get God.  Therefore, even when He answers with a “no” to a certain request, this should not send us into a tailspin of mistrust, but instead should cause us to rejoice in the fact that we are communing with our Creator.

So, Ps. 143:1.

When we start to pray according to the faithfulness of God and beg of Him to answer according to His righteousness (and not mine…after all, when you think about it “our faith” is so fractured and mistrusting that when we look through an honest lens, would you really want all of your answers to prayer to be banked on “your faithfulness?”) what I may personally want seems to pail in comparison.  It is not that my personal requests do not matter.  We just quickly realize that in comparison to meditating on His faithfulness and Him answering in His righteousness our personal requests just are not preeminent.

When you think of the faithfulness of God, what comes to mind?

How is His righteousness a comfort to you?

Love Truth