Happy Good Friday!

The His Voice Global heartbeat is to be a part in “Your Kingdom Come”.

If you have been keeping up with our work throughout the last few months, you have seen images from and read about the work we are doing in Jonglei.

There has been lots of fighting in Jonglei, South Sudan since July and we, through Bishop Taban, have been able to get into some hard hit regions and deliver food, Bibles, first aid kits, and spend time speaking with and praying with the leaders and the injured. If you read this post , you will see images of the delivery of 400 bags of Maize!


Over the last week, Bishop Taban was a part of some Peace Talks. The fighting tribes were well represented and organizations, such as the World Evangelical Alliance, were there to speak and listen. Bishop Taban opened the peace talks with a sermon.


Photo from the the article from the Global Christian Post.

This is an e-mail Vernon received from Bishop,

“Dear Brother;

The peace talks went very well; the Government representatives are very much impressed and both AEA and WEA are also impressed.

And you need to know that the relief food we delivered has worked; it caused mobilization; people came convinced that we mean what we say; and it is because of the people of Duk that we fed.

Murle and Nuer today forgave each other; and we had a very big laughter this afternoon. We came up with some few peace building projects among the tribes in affected areas. Our next food delivery will cement everything.

God bless you and be sure of our prayers.”

How incredible! Thank you for your giving and your support of the South Sudanese people! Your giving is truly making a difference. We have already done a lot in the way of support, but there is much more to be done. We are currently trying to reach a goal of $25,000. To give to this need you can just click here and fill out the form – Make sure to “Designate” to South Sudan.

You can also send checks payable to His Voice Global to P. O. Box 331311, Ft. Worth TX. 76163.

I suggest that you read this great article about the peace talks. It is a great resource and will help in understanding the situation there.

Here are a few quotes from the article that are fantastic.

Context:: speaking to the tribal and governmental leaders:

“We know the story of Sudan and the birth of South Sudan has been a story of pain,” he said. “I want to remind you that the church around the world loves the people of South Sudan. God loves the people of South Sudan.”

“We know there has been serious violence and loss of life but because we believe in the gospel we are a people of hope,” Tunnicliffe added. “The gospel is about reconciliation because it is the gospel that reconciles us to God. And we also believe that we can be reconciled to one another because we are all connected.”

Amen. Your Kingdom Come!