We’ve become accustomed to the shadows. Our acquaintance has been to our detriment. He wants us to know Reality.

After reading the Allegory of The Cave by Plato again, I have noticed our fascination with the shadows. So many are in the cave and have convinced themselves to be satisfied, yet we are called to walk in and among True Reality.


Jon Foreman says, “The shadow proves the sunshine.” It’s a brilliant quote.

Now we need to learn the information of the shadows. They are passing, yet they prove the existence of True Reality. The shadows can seem to be dark at times, yet we can have confidence they are leading us past themselves. Our chains have been broken and we no longer need to stay in the cave, yet many seem to prefer the comfort of the familiar over a meeting with the Fully Right. It can take a bit of time for our eyes to adjust, yet it’s worth it to see more fully.

True Reality has called us out of our false fascinations and given us eyes to see. Why be content with the shadows as an end in themselves, when the entire point is to call us into Greater Reality?

Love Truth