I have been thinking about the idea many people have of “I just keep my relationship with Jesus to myself.”

The problem with this thinking is that it is so centered on self.

The main argument against this thinking is that Jesus is publicly redeeming all of creation and it is He who lives in you (1 Jn. 4:4), if you are a Christian. Therefore, to put a premium on privacy, while Jesus maximizes the public pursuit of His redemption (Col. 2:6-15), just does not match up.

We should not be “public with our faith” to draw attention to ourselves and therefore putting a wrong emphasis on a self centered view of being bold. Instead, we should submit to He who is in us and live out of the reality that He wants people to know the deep riches of a redeemed life in Him.

Therefore, have a a humble boldness in Him that is articulated in gentleness and power. Live in the abundance that He wants to use you in the Kingdom today in order to spread His greatness.

Love Truth