Currently we are raising money for a 4th orphanage in Sudan. This orphanage site, will start with four buildings for housing. Each building will cost $30,000 to build, and each building will house 20 orphans and 2 widows. Previously we asked small groups, families, sunday school classes to step up and build ONE ROOM for $2,000.00.


Consider another break down:

Each person, widow or orphan will live in this place till they grow up and out or move on and then someone else will take their place. The cost of this building is a one time cost and is self-sustained by a buisness already set-up and running by our partner-ship church in Sudan. When we break it down, it literally cost $1,800.00 per widow and orphan to not only build this building, but to give discipleship, clothes, food and school, for generations to come.


$1800.00 is the cost of giving 1 life now and many to follow.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting ways you and your friends can partner together to supply for the needs of these orphans for generations to come. Stay tuned and leave us a comment if you or your group are going to be using your creativity to help us reach this goal!