Jesus perpetually talks to us not only about our actions, but also the root of why we do what we do.

He is about both. We must see this. So, He does not just think something like fasting is minor because this spiritual discipline helps to reveal motive and what controls us.

First, when we deprive ourselves of something things such as impatience, greed, anger, etc. can come up quite quickly. Yet, the point is to see fasting did not make you angry etc. It simply helped to reveal what is there and provide an avenue of grace for God to do some “soul surgery”.

Next, for some, fasting becomes an unfortunate way to show others zeal. This is why He tells us to not draw attention to ourselves because when we are fasting with correct motives trying to be noticed is actually dishonest. After all, we have the full attention of The King who sees in secret (v. 18).


The truth about fasting is that we are learning to feast on God, not simply suppress the intake of something else.


Therefore, in all actuality, we are giving up less than what we are taking in if we have eyes to see. I hope that today you would see the freedom and abundance provided for us in fasting (Is. 58 is a brilliant expounding on how fasting should free us).

I hope you would consider the option of a personal fast to some degree, for no other reason than to know the abundance of Him more.