Feeling like sin is not only “crouching at your door (Gen. 4:7), but also all up in your bidness today? That has been me. If you are anything like me you can sometimes feel the attacks of the enemy all the way up your spine. This doesn’t seem to be a medal of honor to wear, but more of a confession.

As I have been sitting here and typing in this coffeehouse, one of my questions has been, “Why in the heck?”

Why does the hatred of sin seem to sometimes breed a pummeling feeling of suffocation? It seems like it controls my every thought so many times. Maybe I am not hating sin in the right way.

Why does the intensity of the war have to run so deep in my blood stream? This is not a “confession of a pious person,” but more of a “why in the heck?” statement.

Also, it seems so odd that I am typing away in this public place and pretty much not one person has a clue! How is it that I walk through the sea of humanity in life so oblivious, yet this same disposition haunts many others?

In fact, they may be like me. They can even disguise it with a smile!

Here is part of the reality of the situation. When the Bible refers to war, it is no joke! Eph. 6 is the way it is.

Here may be an encouragement, if you find your self in the same predicament today.

1. Imagine that you are on a battlefield with carnage everywhere. The General comes to you and says, “Well done! The battle is intense, yet we win. The pain is real, yet it is worth it.”

The battle is bigger than you, yet it includes you. There is purpose both personally and corporately.

2. Start asking God to show you how to use thanksgiving as a weapon against the condemning voices of uselessness. Therefore, all I am saying to take time and appreciate what He has given you. Many times the “smallest” blessings are the things that slip under our nose and thus we make a “god out of the big”. The problem is that it is all big. Ultimately, I am saying to take time and breathe in life. Become more aware. Don’t be fake about the thanksgiving, yet understand that you may have to start by confessing you are not thankful. Don’t let this stop you. Don’t be fake. Don’t wallow.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Love Truth