It seems that many times we can pursue excess in nearly everything except for Godly character.

Here are a few reasons why I think this happens with many people.

1. We believe that the way to fight excess is by moderation. Moderate everything seems to be the bill that is being sold and eaten by many. The problem is that the way you fight excess is through good excess. Go read Psalm 36 for some more encouragement in this area.

2. We believe that Godly character is either boring or undefinable, let alone finding joy in the pursuit of it.

3. We are scared we might cross the line into bad excess, so we settle for what looks to be “acceptable behavior,” instead of giving full abandon to the brilliant ocean of Godly character that God calls us to drown in.

So, here are some questions to contemplate:

1. How do you define Godly character?

2. What does Godly character look like?

3. What are some practical ways to cultivate Godly character?

The ancients used to correlate character with happiness. The better your character the more happy you would be. It seems that many Christians have thrown out the word “happy” because it seems so fleeting, yet in the process have forsaken a Godly disposition that should be brought back to life. Although I don’t think the ancients got it right in their definition of character (this is the importance of good theology), I do believe that if we would be people who made Godly character as a great source for happiness, then we might persevere more, love more intensely, and possibly even laugh a bit more.

What are your thoughts?

Love Truth